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Teaching around world
(Seminars, Meetings & Presentations)

- From Japan, Osaka, Master Mitsuya went overseas to Seattle (Washington) in 1972-1973. He directed the instructors of the association of Mr. J. Thiry (Washington Karate Association).
- He held many demonstrations in various places while teaching around Seattle (Washington) and Portland (Oregon).
- He formed many champions in the States.

- At the end of 1973, Shihan Mitsuya arrived to Europe and the first destination was Stockholm. He there taught in several dojos also for the Swedish Karate Federation.
- Master Mitsuya taught to the group of Mr. Lennard Larsson in various cities (Karlstad, Karlskoga, etc.).
- Still memorable in Sweden is the International Seminar with Soke Hayashi which happened the 31st of July 2003 in Karlstad, before the HAYASHI-ha World Karate-Do & Kobu-Do Championship 2003 in Karlstad 02-03 Aug.2003. One of the most successful cooperators was Master Mitsuya with his group.

- Master Mitsuya taught to the group of Mr. Satoru Nino (Shitoryu).
- Also he taught to the group of Mr. Jean-Marc Ortega (Shitoryu, Paris, etc.).
- Interviewed by the magazine “Arts & Combats”.
- Interviewed for the second time by the magazine “Arts & Combats”.

- Master Seinosuke MITSUYA group ( Founder & President of MITSUYA-KAI International)
- Pioneer of the Shitoryu style in Italy, Master Mitsuya has been helding seminars and demostrations all around the country.
- "Show us kumite - Demonstration".

- He taught to the group of Mr. Athula Minithanthri in various places in London.
- Also special seminars with Soke Hayashi and Shihan Mitsuya where held at the BBC-Hall.
- He taught to the group of Mr. Steve Grayston (London, etc.)
- He taught to the group of Mr. John Lynn (North Wales, etc.), 18th of February 1996.
- Interview to the magazine “Karate Magazine”

He has been teaching to:
- Mr. Mimmo Vermiglio Group ( MITSUYA-KAI International)
- “Show us Hayashi-ha (Shitoryu) Kata, Demonstration”

- Mr. Roberto CONTI ( MITSUYA-KAI International), Lausanne         
“Budo Show” Spectacular demonstration of traditional Karate and Kobudo on the 9th of May 1992 in Basel, Switzerland. With Soke Hayashi and Shihan Mitsuya.

He has been teaching to:
- Mr. Marco PILATO group ( MITSUYA-KAI International)

He has been teaching to:
- Mr. Georges TSOGAS group ( MITSUYA-KAI International)
- Memorable was the National Seminar in Athens and Crete (Heràkleion, e Chania, 20-23 July 2001).
- Interviewed by the Greek karate magazine “Mayph Zonh”.
- Mr. Ion Ioannou
- Mr. Aristidis Varelis

He has been teaching to:
- Mr. Olivier Seraphin AKADJE ( MITSUYA-KAI International)  
- Master Mitsuya has cooperated with the President for the choice of the member of Federal Commission.

He has been teaching to:
- Mr.Manuel A. PAZOS F. Group ( MITSUYA-KAI International) (Asociaciòn Seito Karate-Do de Venezuela).
- The national TV station “TELEVEN”, interviewed Master MITSUYA presenting the organization MITSUYA-KAI International (Hayashi-ha Karate-Do & Kobu-Do). With great success several seminars have been held in the most important areas of the country, including Caracas, Barquisimeto and Monagas, (17-20 March 2006).

He has been teaching to:
- Mr. Attila Orosz Group ( MITSUYA-KAI International).

He has been teaching to:
- Mr. Cristobal Miranda Group (MITSUYA-KAI International).

He has been teaching to:
- Mr. Mpho Bakwadi Group (MITSUYA-KAI International).

He has been teaching to:
- Mr. Marcel Delhez Group (MITSUYA-KAI International).

He has been teaching to: 
- Mr John Swamy Jacob Devakumar (MITSUYA-KAI International).

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