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Karate-Do & Kobu-Do



In the MITSUYA-KAI International organization we practice traditional Japanese Karate-Do and Kobu-Do of the original Hayashi-ha style, founded by Soke Hayashi (1924 - 2004). Master MITSUYA, as his assistant and top student, has inherited the real essence of these Martial Arts and today he is teaching his style all around the world.



The Japanese KARATE-DO of theMitsuya-Kai Style is one of the finest, effective and best known styles of KARATE-DO in the world. 

It is among the best styles to learn the method of Japanese Modern and Traditional Martial Arts (Karate-do), both in kumite (Fighting) and kata (Forms) techniques.



The Japanese Kobu-Do of the Mitsuya-Kai Style is one of the finest, effective and best known style of Kobudo in the world.

Its elegance and refinement as well as its power and efficacy reflect the real fighting spirit in Japanese Kobudo and the delicate taste of Japanese culture.

The extraordinary demonstrations and seminars that Soke HAYASHI (1924 - 2004) and Master MITSUYA have been holding in many countries have made Kobu-Do known worldwide

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