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Genealogy of MITSUYA-KAI International


Souke Teruo HAYASHI (1924-2004)

Founded Japanese Karate-do <Hayashi-ha shitoryu>(1971) & Kobu-Do<Kenshinryu>

With karate & kobudo, he tought hayashi’s Budo-spirit.

Souke Hayashi gave 8th Dan to Master MITSUYA in 1999,who became the highest degree and top student of his style.

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Our organization benefits from master MITSUYA’s work as principal exponent of original Karate-do Hayashi-ha Shitoryu and Kobudo Kenshinryu as he studied from its founder, Souke HAYASHI Teruo (1924 -2004).

Souke Teruo Hayashi was born inNara, Japan (the old capital of Japan, near Osaka), on 21st of October 1924, and died in Osaka on 24 of September 2004. He studied and practiced several types of traditional japanese Martial Arts (Karate-do, Kobu-do, Ju-do, Aiki-do, Naginata-do, Iai-do, etc.).

Teruo Hayashi was a serious man, intelligent, tenacious, respectful and above all extremely devoted in learning. With these qualities he has conquered the trust of the Great Masters of Japanese Martial Arts, having therefore the possibility to learn and understand those deep and great techniques transmitted exclusively to those persons so good to be able to apply the practice and the secular philosophy of the Code of the Japanese Martial Arts (theso code of the Samurai).

Master Mitsuya, student and assistant of the Souke Hayashi, had the possibility to receive unique trainings, trough the perfection of Souke’s techniques, unifying himself with his master and improving his techniques at every action, making all trainings a fight of extreme realism (technical study and research of effective actions).

Souke Hayashi recognized in Master Mitsuya extraordinary technical abilities and sense of art in the fighting and decided to entrust him with the difficult task to demonstrate and diffuse his style and his school all around the world.


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Souke Seinosuke MITSUYA (1946)

Founder of Japanese Karate-Do & Kobu-Do  <MITSUYA-KAI International>

Master Mitsuya started to teach outside Japan since 1972 and he is still teaching around the world, divulging Mitsuya’s Budo-spirit ”Harmony among mind, spirit and body”.

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