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MITSUYA-KAI International

International <Japanese Karate-Do & Kobu-Do> Organization

Events of 2015

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(Meetings, Seminars & Presentation with Souke Seinosuke MITSUYA 8th Dan)

Info: Hanshi Seinosuke MITSUYA s_mitsuya e-mail:mitsuya@libero.it

www.mitsuya-kai.com (Photo of Events: 2008/ 2009/ 2010/ 2011/2012/2013/2014)


January: 1

February: 2

(Friday) 13-14-15/Feb. -----Int. Seminar + Meeting in Lausanne (SWITZERLAND)
Info: Mobile:+41-763-411264, Shihan R. Conti, e-mail: roberto.conti@sunrise.ch


March: 3

April: 4

(Friday) 10-11-12/Apr. ----- Int. Seminar + Meeting in Hotton (BELGIUM)
Info: Mobile:+32-486-693332 , Shihan M. Delhez, e-mail: karate.andrimont@scarlet.be


May: 5


June: 6

(Thursday) 4-5-6/June ----Int. Seminar + Meeting "Spring Camp" in Stuttgart (GERMANY)
Info: Tel. +49-7143-4251, Fax. +49-7143-2989, Shihan G. Vermiglio, e-mail: webmaster@mitsuya-kai.de


July: 7

August: 8

September: 9

(Friday) 18-19-20/Sept. ----Int. Seminar + Meeting “Mitsuya-Kai Summit” in Palermo (ITALY)
Info: Fax/Tel. +39-091-455185, Souke S. Mitsuya, e-mail: mitsuya@libero.it


October: 10

(Friday) 30-31/Oct.-1/Nov -----Int. Seminar + Meeting in Stuttgart (GERMANY)
Info: Tel. +49-7143-4251, Fax. +49-7143-2989, Shihan G. Vermiglio, e-mail: webmaster@shitoryu.de


November: 11

December: 12 

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